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Comprehension question with the possibility of more than one choice selection

By Sarah , 3 replies,

MTurk ID in otree data file

By frieder_neunhoeffer , 2 replies,

Pass Json data to Python

By Fanist, 1 reply,

Continue a game after dropping out happens

By Vo_ENG , 2 replies,

Error occurred when opening <HTTPError 500: 'Internal Server Error'>

By gmdcastillo, 0 replies,

How to click a specific button while testing using Bots

By Fanist, 0 replies,

How to deploy experiments in fly.io

By Fanist, 0 replies,

Trouble with Live Pages on Heroku

By clintmckenna, 3 replies,

Integrate oTree with CloudResearch (Turkprime)

By None, 1 reply,

DetachedInstanceError: what causes them and how to solve them?

By gmdcastillo, 0 replies,

purchase prepaid HITs

By yilei , 5 replies,

Very Large Sessions - Performance Issues

By sried, 2 replies,

How to run two different apps simultaneously in otree?

By Iris, 0 replies,

Chage chat nickname appearance based on content

By Xinxin , 2 replies,

How do I save a variable from a live method as a global variable to access it on every page that follows?

By Hussein, 1 reply,

Dictator Game with different amounts randomly generated every round

By Tahia, 0 replies,

no real participants respond to my HIT in Mturk

By yilei , 1 reply,

Finally switched to Django-less oTree. Just want to double-check on database access

By ExperimenterDan, 2 replies,

Align Text next to form fields

By lmayr, 1 reply,

Document the number of times that the participant visited the site.

By Fanist, 0 replies,

Django logical statements work locally but fail on Heroku

By noob_forever , 1 reply,

New template tag: {{ include_sibling }}

By Chris_oTree , 1 reply,

How do i use Numpy on Heroku?

By noob_forever , 7 replies,

configuartion for survey

By befuddled , 3 replies,

Consumption smoothing experiment template

By ecopsy2023, 2 replies,

Is the worker dyno still used for Heroku? Can we use more than one web dyno?

By gmdcastillo, 1 reply,

Referencing a constant in function defined in group gives this error: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'C' referenced before assignment

By noob_forever , 1 reply,

Effort task with random selection of questions

By Juliana , 0 replies,

OSError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

By fabsi, 0 replies,

Video chat, multiple pages/apps at once

By sergiu, 1 reply,