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New error

By PaulF, 2 replies,

Group variables over multiple apps

By freddsch, 2 replies,

Problem with running on Heroku

By Marti, 1 reply,

AttributeError: module 'constants' has no attribute 'endowment'

By papayapap, 2 replies,

How can I generate numbered fields by importing questions from list/.CSV?

By Future, 0 replies,

oTree Hub Heroku Monitor issue

By AndreL , 2 replies,

Admin Report not working

By Louis, 0 replies,

Sessions / rooms are expired after a few hours

By evelizbeth, 17 replies,

Players getting stuck on WaitPage mid game

By None, 0 replies,

about subscription

By Catherine, 1 reply,

PageTimes-File does not record all data

By Daniel_Frey, 2 replies,

Application error (500) KeyError: 'myapp'

By Future, 1 reply,

Negative values in integer fields

By Christoph, 1 reply,

Cannot run browser bots

By Christoph, 2 replies,

Multi-generation game / skip apps for certain participants

By Aurel , 11 replies,

upgraded to Server Deployment: Pro. How to use 4 sites

By FranciscoK , 1 reply,

Highchart based on dropdown input

By ksrini, 0 replies,

Changing Session Config during live online session

By AndreL , 2 replies,

Participant.vars on Excel/CSV data

By AndreL , 1 reply,

longitudinal study using Prolific with oTree HR

By Andreas, 3 replies,

Using oTree HR to deploy a prolific session - server error

By hannes, 2 replies,

Install fails on mac

By EvgenyK, 2 replies,

creating_session is not executed when several apps are together in one session_config

By JefeLitman, 0 replies,

Changing Session Configuration while creating session

By MouliModak , 3 replies,

Trouble creating a random payoff

By cswell, 1 reply,

Issues with Deploying on Otree

By MouliModak , 2 replies,

error: Bot submission failed form validation:

By AJafarzadeh , 2 replies,

Changes lost on a project

By ileppane , 1 reply,

Postgres and Dynos for large database

By AndreL , 1 reply,

Custom timeout that submits the page

By k0olfir3, 0 replies,