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Question about multi-admins

By FMABP, 0 replies,

Heroku template rendering error static link

By Victor, 2 replies,

raw html, formfield_errors doesn't give alert to missing value

By wendy, 0 replies,

Key press task assitance

By Vincent, 8 replies,

Saving variables at participant level

By js8773420, 1 reply,

FormFields don't function on HTML page. They simply appear as "{{ formfields }}" text.

By XiStieger, 10 replies,

formfields causing error on page

By PhilP, 3 replies,

Error when trying to import Player/Page class from a separate file

By llinfeng, 0 replies,

Looping over variable names

By AndreL, 2 replies,

Participant field not transfering as it is to the next app

By m_hr3, 0 replies,

The slider task in the public otree-realeffort project: Part of the left column is hidden on Safari browser

By BarryH, 3 replies,

Announcing drypage, a way to establish "general" page behavior while allowing for flexibility

By gr0ssmann, 0 replies,

Shuffle choices in dropdown form field

By nizipzi, 1 reply,

How to ignore "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of null" in javascript

By felmola, 1 reply,

New beta release: presence icons

By Chris_oTree, 0 replies,

Starting November 28th, 2022, free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for RedisĀ® will no longer be available

By Victor, 3 replies,

Donation of $30.00

By Jonas,

Calling instances of player.participant on oTree Lite - otreedoc question

By AndreL, 1 reply,

Error during template rendering (django's render_bundle not loading css file)

By eshau00, 0 replies,

bots and random_num_rounds_multiplayer crashes after Results

By felmola, 3 replies,

Inputs on tables with variable number of rows per player

By AndreL, 0 replies,

Issue with "better dropout detection in GBAT (group_by_arrival_time)"

By Sebastian, 7 replies,

How to recover Heroku public registration keys

By mikeyeragon, 2 replies,

Timeout pause/resume

By jkupb, 3 replies,

Instant validation on typing forms

By AndreL, 1 reply,

random.choices() returning error while creating session

By AndreL, 2 replies,

Is there an easy (otree) way to let participants upload files?

By Victor, 5 replies,

Key Error

By otree, 1 reply,

forminputs.xyz.required with Radio Button

By sried, 1 reply,

Shuffling treatment list hoisted from session.config - cannot shuffle after gathering

By AndreL, 1 reply,