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Deployment Failure through oTree Hub

By ynyyny , 3 replies,

How does BROWSER_COMMAND work?

By Trontatuma , 1 reply,

Removing participants' choices after being selected in a round

By user6767, 2 replies,

How does BROWSER_COMMAND work?

By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

Waiting for player even though all players are present

By Trontatuma, 3 replies,

Participants only moved to next page after refreshing

By Trontatuma, 0 replies,

Switching roles in the further app

By alid3mir, 1 reply,

Assign two players to the same group by group id

By Bochen, 0 replies,

Read CSV file contains multiple variables for multiple participants in multiple rounds

By Bochen, 3 replies,

Feedback requested: Prolific/MTurk/CloudResearch/ other subject pools

By Chris_oTree, 3 replies,

Passing group data between rounds

By alid3mir, 1 reply,

No Module "Numpy" ...

By noob_forever , 0 replies,

Customize global/Page.html

By axelizheng, 1 reply,

Current participant page from REST API

By recap, 0 replies,

oTree has been updated. Please delete your database (db.sqlite3)

By Trontatuma, 1 reply,

'realeffort' Snippet - Is there literature behind these tasks in this app?

By n_lacourse, 0 replies,

Connection failed after a while?

By Trontatuma, 0 replies,

Snippet radio_switching_point don't go to next page

By Susan , 4 replies,

Backup Data on A Cloud

By Alpha_Ju, 1 reply,

Date & Time of the experiment

By alid3mir, 1 reply,

formfield choices and intial value

By frafed , 4 replies,

git push heroku master | Fail

By Vakru, 2 replies,

Chat moderation

By somas, 0 replies,

Random Stranger Matching

By Sarah, 0 replies,

For loops in class definition

By janohirmas, 2 replies,

Removing a element on a list and pass the new list to the next round for each participant

By giodini121, 2 replies,

Looping over variable names

By AndreL , 3 replies,

User session termination

By alid3mir, 0 replies,

forget Admin Login username and password forget, how to reset

By LIDONGDONG , 1 reply,

Issue importing variables from CSV

By ckormylo, 1 reply,