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How to Run a Script to read a csv file.

By oTreeCardinal, 1 reply,

Sending data from live_method to other groups and rounds

By GKarreskog, 4 replies,

Automatic calculation with values from integer.fields

By mmz1311, 0 replies,

CESS oTree course for beginners

By Furuneko , 1 reply,

oTree Hub invoices

By floradrucker, 3 replies,

Bots with Live Pages

By woodsd42 , 2 replies,

Fixed number of Periods, Conditional number of Rounds and Rematching

By Domnica, 2 replies,

Payoff generation for group members

By Anwesha, 0 replies,

Deleting database

By Anwesha, 4 replies,

AttributeError: 'Participant' object has no attribute 'treatment'

By ParetoDeficiente, 0 replies,

WaitPages not triggered in tests with multiple rounds

By joefound, 0 replies,

Donation of $10.00

By GKarreskog,

Write on serial port

By sepidehkhoneiveh , 4 replies,

otree 3 to otree 5

By rvman0523 , 0 replies,

Change error message of {{ formfield_errors xyz' }}

By Trontatuma, 0 replies,

Missing translation on German (de) language package

By AndreL , 5 replies,

Add error messages while keeping the calculation result in the Input calculation snippet

By Susan , 1 reply,

Using information from other participants in a study

By zwongo , 1 reply,

Ultimatum Game proposals by bots and humans

By Moritz_otree, 1 reply,

Changing a .otreezip file in the middle of server deployment.

By Tedquestion , 4 replies,

ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT connection to server not possible

By TR537, 1 reply,

You have oTree 6, but newest is oTree 5

By sergio_sapina, 0 replies,

Problems when participants close browser tabs

By ana_c, 0 replies,

Slider Input Check AttributeError

By AnnaLi, 0 replies,

[Beginner Problem] Error Message when trying to create Session on MTurk

By JuergenMR, 3 replies,

Heroku Deployment issues

By ecopsy2023, 0 replies,

Multiple app and random allocation to groups

By Anwesha, 2 replies,

Problem with payoff of players in group treatment

By Anwesha, 2 replies,

Participants in a group but on different on different rounds

By MouliModak , 1 reply,

Does Heroku / Otree Hub inactivate my app?

By nathalie, 1 reply,