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Skipping apps per treatment in oTree 3.x

By crispi, 2 replies,

limit skippable pages

By lisap, 1 reply,

How to set a start value for player's payoff?

By james302, 1 reply,

Is it possible to use varying numbers of fields (via get_form_fields) and still position individually?

By mitnec, 1 reply,

Set timeout_seconds to be different for first round?

By Lstott, 2 replies,

Real Effort Task: Captcha-like clicking of cells in a matrix

By Tobi_O, 0 replies,

Randomizing either apps or num_in_group

By jbgatelyecon, 1 reply,

Deploying on Heroku with gunicorn

By David, 8 replies,

Real Time Monitoring on Otree

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 0 replies,

How to disable countdown timer reset on page refresh?

By Daniel, 3 replies,

Change how payoffs are calculated in practice rounds.

By PimPim, 0 replies,

Localization couple of issues

By chasmani, 2 replies,

Error with db.sqlite3 file

By Tamer, 3 replies,

Cant run otree on Mturk

By DanielK, 2 replies,

problem finding project template

By GergelyH, 2 replies,

Push failed

By keren, 0 replies,

Accessing model field label and choices in __init.py__

By ccrabbe, 1 reply,

switching debug off

By Sahar, 2 replies,

How to add an image to a page

By Sahar, 4 replies,

How to add practice round

By mikly115, 1 reply,

WaitPage waiting for wrong players

By hdstudent, 4 replies,

Appearance of the radio select buttons

By Charlie_T, 3 replies,

Record user's input while updating on the current page

By tenuki, 2 replies,

How to change two fields with one button?

By cjy2001, 0 replies,

Error messages Boolean and multiple choice form fields

By ahallman, 6 replies,

Heroku Application Error due to SQL Connection

By jkemp, 2 replies,

MTurk participants stuck on wait page

By lindaaldehoff, 12 replies,

Syntax of

By cjy2001, 1 reply,

waiting_players not showing all players

By chasmani, 1 reply,

Assign a random number to each group (constant through rounds)

By NZaccaria, 2 replies,