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Removing "group_by_arrival_time=True, so it must be placed first in page_sequence"

By jkupb, 4 replies,

How to keep the same grouping in different apps?

By Phoebe, 2 replies,

Google Colab

By Anwesha, 2 replies,

Changing display URL for Heorku

By Vincent, 0 replies,

Calculate average of participant's estimate for specific rounds

By Janina, 0 replies,

AttributeError: module 'otree.models.subsession' has no attribute 'get_players'

By Lorenzo, 1 reply,

Resetting 'player.payoff' between apps?

By Lstott, 2 replies,

Roles - 1 leader/ 3 followers

By sakib, 2 replies,

Ways to pay participants online

By Chris_oTree, 1 reply,

Adding participant field & database migration

By Marco, 1 reply,

How to add Labels on both left and right sides of a radio select table?

By UnluG, 0 replies,

How to ad tables on both sides of table?

By UnluG, 0 replies,

Floats appearing as BinaryExpression

By jamie, 3 replies,

How to run a test server on oTree?

By Tedquestion, 1 reply,

updating my chart based on choice on slider

By AJafarzadeh, 5 replies,

Retrieve session vars (and possibly more) ex post, in desperation mode

By BattPi, 1 reply,

How to properly keep player information from one round to the next ?

By DonutMan, 4 replies,

Weird server problem

By Christoph, 9 replies,

Adding to oTree Snippets

By bargou, 3 replies,

Customize chat export data

By Xinxin, 2 replies,

App crashed (H10) on heroku but works locally

By gonarr, 0 replies,

AttributeError: module 'rules' has no attribute 'Constants'

By gonarr, 2 replies,

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'intro'

By gonarr, 1 reply,

M-turk ERROR

By DAVID, 0 replies,

Randomizing a list and storing the order after randomization

By cmass62, 0 replies,

Heroku is deleting my app session

By unacebra, 0 replies,

Can I clear Chat?

By help_wanted, 0 replies,

Randomizing app sequence

By Sahar, 2 replies,

Using globals in Otree

By martin, 0 replies,

Update subjet's wallet after each round

By Lorenzo, 0 replies,