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Fail to upload codes to Heroku

By PimPim, 5 replies,

Unexpected errors

By AB_123 , 2 replies,

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'django'

By alid3mir, 2 replies,

Video communication Otree

By nathalie, 3 replies,

How can I use LiveSend information to update the payment score?

By fb233, 0 replies,

Heroku application error

By Skn , 1 reply,

Participants experience error in waiting room

By Skn , 3 replies,

AttributeError: 'Player' object has no attribute 'player'

By alid3mir, 1 reply,

Saving all the biddings in an array

By O30 , 3 replies,

Cannot resolve file

By Trontatuma, 1 reply,

Heroku server error

By Anwesha , 2 replies,

Video Chat Between Participants (Beta)

By konrad, 2 replies,

field_maybe_none for participant variables

By nathalie, 3 replies,

how to reference partner's variables in multiplayer game?

By rvman0523 , 1 reply,

New feature: read_csv()

By Chris_oTree, 5 replies,

HR source code

By FMABP, 0 replies,

Disconnecting and re-connecting oTree Hub to Heroku

By lab23 , 4 replies,

Monitor distinct variables of previous rounds

By DominikBeck, 2 replies,

How to debug otree application in visual strudio

By olivierk, 0 replies,

Gurobi Support

By Nami, 0 replies,

Random allocation of players into groups

By Anwesha, 2 replies,

using Lab Streaming Layer in Otree

By sepidehkhoneiveh , 0 replies,

otree3 vs otree 5 dynos

By rvman0523 , 1 reply,

passing variables from one app to next?

By rvman0523 , 7 replies,

Currency - add comma and remove space

By Inbal, 6 replies,

Error when hosting otree surveys

By ssandhya, 0 replies,

Duplicates recording ending at the introduction page

By zhan, 0 replies,

Score calculation with values from survey answers (trustworthiness score)

By mmz1311, 0 replies,

Initialize Session Field

By zahra_rahmani, 7 replies,

How to code a simultaneous + sequential public goods game?

By Thair_Ahmad, 0 replies,