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Open some spaces for more participants to join

By Sarah , 5 replies,

distBuilder in oTree (or: recording variables from Javascript)

By simoncolumbus , 1 reply,

oTree HR automatically rejected the participants who actually completed my MTurk experiment

By Daniel , 1 reply,

How to reuse class definition code in otree?

By wying, 0 replies,

Issue on Heroku

By Juliana , 5 replies,

Random selection of images from a pool w/o replacement at the participant level

By Juliana , 0 replies,

new project copied from an old one

By rvman0523 , 1 reply,

Issue when resetting database on oTree hub

By Juliana , 1 reply,

Default behavior of next-button: resetting page appearance?

By JDetemple , 2 replies,

Problems with Heroku in China

By Moritz, 10 replies,

Trouble with treatments

By ecopsy2023, 6 replies,

Testing live methods in single player games

By Christoph, 1 reply,

Replacing Django templates in old code

By StrangeQuark, 0 replies,

Manual control over the progress

By NiclasKongstad, 0 replies,

Improving App Performance.

By amarchal , 0 replies,

Data after deleting Postgres

By sueh , 1 reply,

Problem with calculating exponential in before_next_page

By ecopsy2023, 5 replies,

Global styles does not load

By jkupb, 3 replies,

Payoff generation

By Anwesha, 5 replies,

error when exporting session

By gonarr, 0 replies,

sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (psycopg2.OperationalError)

By gonarr, 0 replies,

"Player" is not defined: Otree VScode issue

By ecopsy2023, 2 replies,

Heroku stack deprecation

By Evan_Calford , 12 replies,

Configure session with complex inputs

By sergio_sapina, 1 reply,

can not monitor

By Ziyu , 1 reply,

Is it possible to group by name in the Room text file?

By Shania, 1 reply,

issue when switching from otree versions

By arroycal, 1 reply,

publish HIT on mturk

By Ziyu, 2 replies,

Errors with get_form_fields

By Iris, 2 replies,

before_next_page on WaitPage

By simoncolumbus , 10 replies,