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import numpy as np triggers "no module named numpy" error when hosting on heroku

By noob_forever , 1 reply,

Matching Participants in groups, each time with a different player

By Ally, 1 reply,

Ultimatum Strategy Method - More Demos

By JuergenMR , 5 replies,

Playing MP3 before Experiment on HTML page

By JuergenMR , 2 replies,

is there a way to check on which page a bot is?

By Valery , 1 reply,

Preventing multiple submissions

By AB_123 , 2 replies,

Noself format for self.request.POST.get

By AngelVJimenez, 7 replies,

MTurk Sanbox not connecting

By astrid_insubria , 1 reply,

FileNotFoundError when directly deploying with Heroku

By manond, 2 replies,

Audio Audits in Otree

By Giovanni, 0 replies,

I want to players to allocate percentages of their endowment over 5 options. How can this be done on otree?

By sthom, 1 reply,

How to resolve this? I had cleared sessions config default

By sthom, 1 reply,

Recording GPS

By Thair_Ahmad, 2 replies,

Storing and displaying images created during the experiment

By Matt00n, 0 replies,

advance arbitrary participant

By EvgenyK, 2 replies,

Ending the game when offer is accepted. (Alternating Offer Bargaining)

By alid3mir, 0 replies,

Suppress currency variables points/currency nomination

By esker, 1 reply,

I need to form groups of N, N > 6 -- how do i do this in oTreeStudio?

By noob_forever , 6 replies,

Transferring project to different account or changing email address

By EinMaulwurf , 0 replies,

Group Account question

By Evan_Calford , 1 reply,

Failed to create session: (psycopg2.errors.UndefinedColumn) column "_gbat_is_connected" of relation "otree_participant" does not exist LINE 1:

By Giovanni, 0 replies,

SVO - Murphy - Updated version for the latest Otree?

By alid3mir, 2 replies,

Selecting Multiple Options

By Thair_Ahmad, 2 replies,

Data too large to download?

By gonarr, 3 replies,

Websocket handshake error

By nathalie, 0 replies,

How to make public project private?

By otree_researcher , 0 replies,

Create a conditional app

By GregorFHSU, 3 replies,

Unavailable to the data export

By Josie , 9 replies,

Timeout spanning multiple rounds

By Thair_Ahmad, 3 replies,

collect prolific study id via otree hr

By kimsarnoff , 1 reply,