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Multiple "if" statements in html

By Sahar , 1 reply,

Leaving the chat together

By Aurel , 1 reply,

html5 audio element

By labex, 0 replies,

making an is_displayed default function

By janohirmas, 1 reply,

Unable to deploy to MTurk with AWS billing enabled

By Daniel , 2 replies,

A refund issue -

By Tedquestion, 0 replies,

otree startapp AssertionError

By Aysegul_Engin, 1 reply,

Make some words in a form field's label bold

By PimPim, 2 replies,

Otree projects components running locally/on the server

By Josh, 0 replies,

Link in mturk_template.html?

By JuergenMR , 1 reply,

Time usage mis-recorded after refreshing

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 0 replies,

otree 3 devserver error: ValueError: No route found for path 'session_monitor/

By Scott, 0 replies,

Accessing randomly generated numbers

By simsonmez, 0 replies,

Group matching (same role but different coparticipants in different games)

By AJafarzadeh , 0 replies,

Urgent, please help! MTURK Deployment error (never had that error before..)

By Mika2022, 1 reply,

Why are the available repos for live markets so complicated?

By papayapap, 0 replies,

random termination

By ClemHerm, 0 replies,

Thousand separator

By Paula_Tovar, 0 replies,

Assign unequal number of players to roles

By papayapap, 0 replies,

Randomization issue

By Suganthi , 3 replies,

Recover public registration keys

By Daniel , 2 replies,

Best way to handle treatments with is_displayed?

By Lstott, 0 replies,

Click back in browser resets the timer

By louaig, 0 replies,

Participant chains (or adding a new participant in the group only after one is finished)

By aseyq , 2 replies,

New Heroku Configuration

By Pietro , 3 replies,

Otree gift exchange market

By papayapap, 0 replies,

Copy (self-created) App from one project to another

By Eirini , 2 replies,

Setting payoffs: One app and 2 risk elicitation tasks

By jpjjok, 1 reply,

Dyno scaling error when deploying project via Heroku

By lea_s2 , 3 replies,

Getting the other player's decision in ResultPage and history table

By EconMatics, 1 reply,