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New Heroku Configuration

By Pietro , 3 replies,

Otree gift exchange market

By papayapap, 0 replies,

Copy (self-created) App from one project to another

By Eirini , 2 replies,

Setting payoffs: One app and 2 risk elicitation tasks

By jpjjok, 1 reply,

Dyno scaling error when deploying project via Heroku

By lea_s2 , 3 replies,

Getting the other player's decision in ResultPage and history table

By EconMatics, 1 reply,

Creating a new session in a room with Heroku takes up to 5 minutes ?

By m_hr3 , 6 replies,

MTurk key generation

By Scott, 1 reply,

prolific and otree attention check

By sepidehkhoneiveh , 1 reply,

Could not get the build result

By qzyyb123, 10 replies,

variable in formfield label

By frieder_neunhoeffer , 2 replies,

Support for RTL tet e.g. Hebrew, Arabic

By chasmani, 0 replies,

set a saved image as backgornd of my button cards

By AJafarzadeh , 0 replies,

Participants note getting joined in order

By rok_r, 0 replies,

Autosubmission Issues

By goldbe3, 0 replies,

Participant roles not being saved in data file

By FredLau97, 0 replies,

Managing drop outs without WaitPage

By tankarman, 1 reply,

MTurk sandbox error

By Scott, 3 replies,

Real Effort Task of Transcribing Greek letters

By Mike_Zhiren_Wu, 0 replies,

Manually Change Worker Payment (Total pay) after a worker completes my HIT on MTurk

By Daniel , 2 replies,

Otree Studio set up MTurk qualification_requirements

By Daniel , 2 replies,

Randomly Assigning Roles Each Round

By HenryMorgan, 3 replies,

Cannot Reset DB

By Felicity , 2 replies,

How does ExtraModel interact with rounds?

By mitnec , 1 reply,

Unparsable expression error when running the code locally but not on Heroku

By Elifb, 2 replies,

Changes on Heroku and Potential Impact on oTree Users (Two errored sessions on Nov 28th)

By Xinxin , 0 replies,

Donation of $10.00

By coralio,

Problem with Heroku but not locally

By gianlucapasin, 2 replies,

Installing js dependencies

By ydydxhg, 1 reply,

Record information on waiting page

By Xinxin , 15 replies,