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Modifying page_sequence during app

By jamiehax, 1 reply,

Getting Stuck on creating_session in heroku

By woodsd42 , 6 replies,

how to keep same id_in_group across apps

By tae_yn, 6 replies,

UndefinedVariable: Cannot resolve the variable 'previous_price_offer' (line 56, in "previous_price_offer")

By UlkarQ , 2 replies,

Error when customizing Rooms welcome pahe

By apanin, 0 replies,

Unrecognize filter: json-script

By xuxu1989, 0 replies,

module 'otree.models' has no attribute 'StringField'

By Robert, 0 replies,

unequal treatment assignment

By tae_yn, 2 replies,

Live deployment

By TarAldarion, 0 replies,

Run oTree on MTurk - How does the variable "player.id_in_group" in oTree translate to Mturk?

By Daniel , 2 replies,


By sergiu, 0 replies,

Stuck at creating session

By Pipoca , 1 reply,

postgres not postgresql error message

By Gerhard_R , 1 reply,

Retrieving game history Live Pages

By Gabriela , 5 replies,

Detecting Proxy /VPN

By Victor , 1 reply,

On how to use an "and" function for error messages -

By Tedquestion , 2 replies,

Help! real-effort task (two matrixes and highest number summation)

By tae_yn, 0 replies,

Heroku new changes

By Nedamoha, 0 replies,

Why not use several web dynos?

By bargou, 0 replies,

Delete oTree account

By randomusername, 0 replies,

unable to create a session on heroku app: otree_participant has no column named _waitpage_is_connected

By tankarman, 0 replies,

Looping over dicts in template

By Hauke , 2 replies,

Loop over visible form fields in likert style, disregard field for tracking time

By Jonas, 3 replies,

WARNING Not Found: /live/ for some subjects

By gmdcastillo, 3 replies,

live_method for WaitPage?

By jkupb, 0 replies,

Mturk Sandbox Multiplayer Help

By goldbe3, 0 replies,

Not updating my images in static and errors in HTML

By AJafarzadeh , 8 replies,

reverse list in templates

By dimdub34, 1 reply,

Running eye tracking experiments with oTree?

By sofeal, 0 replies,


By URLG93, 1 reply,