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By ND_VT, 0 replies,

Avoid going to the next page in a new tab/window

By Juanfran, 0 replies,

Reoperationalising oTree after two years away

By zwongo, 2 replies,

Real Effort task twice in appsequence with different parameters

By Coutinho, 0 replies,


By Quazi , 0 replies,

Prolific: Allocate participants to different session configs

By gmdcastillo, 2 replies,

Regarding performance

By somas, 3 replies,

Looking for Programmer

By EvgenyK, 2 replies,


By Ziyu, 0 replies,

How to record Prolific ID when using oTree session-wide link?

By cjy2001, 2 replies,

How to assign two roles to a 8-player group? And, how to shuffle the roles within the group?

By llinfeng , 2 replies,

Disabling mouse wheel and arrow in number inputs

By AndyFM, 1 reply,

List in player field

By Trontatuma, 3 replies,

Real-world currency saved in CurrencyField gets displayed as Points in template later on

By gmdcastillo, 2 replies,

How to place codes in the <head></head> section of the page

By Susan , 8 replies,

Inheriting global player class

By talio, 0 replies,

Generate custom exports when testing with bots

By gmdcastillo, 0 replies,

How to make oTree session alive for a long time?

By james302, 2 replies,

Wait for all active players who were grouped by arrival time in a previous app

By gmdcastillo, 0 replies,

"screenshot" of all possible pages

By Andreas, 0 replies,

Storing subject responses and displaying relative performance between rounds in group

By ekmallory, 4 replies,

Overwrite Global Error Message

By freddsch, 6 replies,

Not found: Session, {'code': 'qrqxjklm'}

By Ziyu, 2 replies,

Variable Radio Buttons Label

By lmayr, 0 replies,

setting up circus

By coxaj, 1 reply,

Minimum time per round

By KenjiAlex, 0 replies,

Assigning treatments

By adomi, 1 reply,

Example button

By Ben, 1 reply,

Creating 3 groups given a certain condition

By Ben, 3 replies,

Group matching, wait page & problems with inactive windows

By Manuel , 1 reply,