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Error during template rendering (django's render_bundle not loading css file)

By eshau00, 0 replies,

bots and random_num_rounds_multiplayer crashes after Results

By felmola, 3 replies,

Inputs on tables with variable number of rows per player

By AndreL , 0 replies,

How to recover Heroku public registration keys

By mikeyeragon , 2 replies,

Timeout pause/resume

By jkupb, 3 replies,

Instant validation on typing forms

By AndreL , 1 reply,

random.choices() returning error while creating session

By AndreL , 2 replies,

Is there an easy (otree) way to let participants upload files?

By Victor , 5 replies,

Key Error

By otree, 1 reply,

forminputs.xyz.required with Radio Button

By sried, 1 reply,

Shuffling treatment list hoisted from session.config - cannot shuffle after gathering

By AndreL , 1 reply,

Positioning error message next to form field entry where error happened

By AndreL , 3 replies,

Bots with app_after_this_page

By jeprose, 0 replies,

Custom Export and download "all apps"

By ElPPlE, 0 replies,

Charged multiple times, can't cancel

By levy1234, 0 replies,

Which form widgets are available on oTree

By AndreL , 4 replies,

issue with group formation

By GergelyH , 0 replies,

Deploying from oTree Hub to mturk

By Eduard, 1 reply,

Conditional display of messages

By js8773420, 2 replies,

oTree Discord off?

By AndreL , 1 reply,

Calling a variable value from previous app in the Template

By Arsil , 2 replies,

page / round sequencing

By Frances, 0 replies,

Pass data from round 4-20 in app A to app B

By PimPim, 0 replies,

Additional paragraph with ":" appears after downgrading to oTree 3.0.1

By sophie, 0 replies,

Multi-line (bounded) list input with sliders

By AndreL , 2 replies,

Quiz allowing repeated attempt but counting them

By AndreL , 1 reply,

Donation of $10.00

By AndreL,

Raw HTML example: custom user interface with JavaScript

By Arsil , 3 replies,

Calling a variable saved in previous page - Otree

By Arsil , 3 replies,

Count button clicks for a back button

By Bhagya , 2 replies,