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Select radio buttons via keyboard

By Come_yar, 1 reply,

Issues when using set_group_matrix()

By FredLau97, 3 replies,

"Failed to connection to server"

By hdsfghjgf, 0 replies,

Can we set default value for participants/session fields?

By szhangjake, 3 replies,

Inheritance for otree models not working for abstract base class

By Scott, 1 reply,

How to create a "Back" button for players to edit previous input?

By cjy2001, 3 replies,

self vs player

By tamUbe, 1 reply,

Bootrstrap Collapsible not Working

By avalos_luis, 2 replies,

how to create two bidding buttons in auction

By mikeyeragon, 0 replies,

how to create two bidding buttons in auciton

By mikeyeragon, 0 replies,

Change Number of Rounds on External Condition

By avalos_luis, 2 replies,

timeouts not working if players close browser

By Scott, 0 replies,

Maths in oTree Studio

By martin1896, 1 reply,

How to use forloop.counter in variables?

By somas, 5 replies,

How to edit the default Thank You page?

By cjy2001, 2 replies,

Dropout detection if they close the window

By Sahar, 0 replies,

This is the new oTree forum

By Chris_oTree, 4 replies,

Problem with MTurk auto-rejections

By Daniel_Frey, 0 replies,

Videochat in Otree

By nathalieroemer, 3 replies,

update otree

By tamUbe, 1 reply,

Long duration experiment and timing question

By rafaelcharris, 2 replies,

OTREE_PRODUCTION error when deploying to mturk

By Mathias, 1 reply,

AttributeError: module 'otree.settings' has no attribute 'LANGUAGE_CODE_ISO'

By Eden_Heilprin, 2 replies,

No module named otree.__main__; 'otree' is a package and cannot be directly executed

By Mahdi, 2 replies,

Assign a random list to each group, and show only one element of the list per round

By NZaccaria, 0 replies,

setting payoffs

By LauraG, 1 reply,